Seem like everyone needs to lose their weight quickly now. Some women always want to look sexy and stunning by keeping their body slim. The others need to reduce some fats quickly since a special event is coming so fast and they want to look perfect in that event. But taking some diet pills won’t help since those pills won’t reduce your weight in safe way. So, about how to lose weight safely the key is to do more exercise but eat less food. By doing it you’ll lose up to two pounds in a week.

Keys to Quickly but Safely Lose Weight in a Week

To lose a pound or two in one week you must burn 500 calories. If your calorie intake every day is 1,050 to 1,200 you must do exercise at least one hour a day. In the weekend you’ll lose up to five pounds. If your weight is 250 pounds or more, you should not cut the calories consumption since it will be dangerous for you. Continue doing exercises and your healthy diet to lose more weight. Before eating something you also need to check your feelings before eating. Do you eat more when you are bored, sad, or angry?

We always focus on how much foods we eat but actually our emotions will affect eating habits we have. How to lose weight safely if you have emotional eating? First you must talk to counselor about your eating habit. Counselor is going to help you find the best ways for you to handle feelings that affect your eating habit. Exercise is another key to lose your weight quickly and healthily. Move and burn your calories to get slimmer body. Most important exercises you need to do is strength training also cardio.

Cardio is essential on how to lose weight fast and easy since cardio will burn most calories and is perfect for them who want to lose their weight quickly. Yet, you need to so strength training few hours in a week. To burn most fat you must break some sweat after warming up then keep sweating at least for an hour. See a provider of health care who is going to help you do the right exercises for you. Don’t forget the interval training. Now, let us back to the eating habit and the lifestyle habit. You must evaluate both to reduce your weight safely and quickly.

To evaluate eating habits, you must track your own meals in the food journal. When you start new eating pattern or diet your food journal will be very helpful. Make a journal of your current lifestyle habit and eating habit. This journal will help you aware of the changes you must make. Write down not only the beverage and foods you consume but also your meals timing. You’re free to buy the journal or download the journaling app you can install on smartphone. How to lose weight and keep it off as safely method with the food journal?

Now, on your journal whether the printed one or the digital one, track eating habits on as many days. Track not only weekdays but also weekend days. So many people will eat different foods on weekends if you do too you must track eating habits on both weekdays and weekend. Write down every time you eat outside and the patterns that trigger you to do that. For example, when you are working late, will you stop at the restaurant that offers fast food or will you make your own dinner at home? Lose weight calculator and journal will help you monitor your habit and fix it.

How to Lose Weight Safely and Healthily

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Always note every time you can make the better choices or improve. For example, write down when you choose healthiest option for your snacks or meals. Always write down on your journal when you decide t eat meals that are home cooked, processed foods, and frozen foods. Then measure the size of your portion. Indulging in bigger size of your portion and overeating either junk foods or healthy foods will lead to the excess calorie consumption also weight gain. So track not only meals’ portion sizes but also snacks’ portion sizes so you’ll see if you must maintain the serving size or decrease it.

It is so simple to decrease the size of your snacks’ and meals’ portion. You only need to cut some calories from then your day then aid in the moderate weight loss. Check recommended standards of meal portions then use them to check your own snacks’ and meals’ portion sizes. Standard portion for a serving of the fruit is a whole fruit (the small one) or ½ cup, vegetable is a cup, grains is ½ cup or 1 Oz, lean protein must be 3 Oz then low fat dairy like yogurt and milk is a cup while the cheese is 2 Oz. Adjusting your own portion sizes is next key of how to lose weight safely.

When you go shopping you must invest in food scale or measuring cups that will help you recording your snacks’ and meals’ portion sizes accurately. If possible, add the portion sizes to your journal or digital journal on your smartphone then combine your ideal portion sizes with lose weight exercise so you will lose your weight significantly quickly and safely.

Now monitor total calories of your daily so that you will get new diet perspective. By knowing the amount of calories you eat on average day you will get clues to the diet that helps you inducing weight loss. Safe weight loss is losing one pound or two every week, this force you to cut out about 500 calories every day. It is not healthy or safe to consume calories less than 1200 every day reduce 500 calories daily. It is also not recommended to consume lost weight fast pills.

Cutting calories and burning the additional calories look good to lose our weight faster and easier. But they are not recommended since they have negative effects for our health and will lead to weight gain. Follow our instructions about how to lose weight safely above and you’ll get your ideal and healthy body.

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